Our Services

Smallholder Farmer Loans

 We offer smallholder farmers in-kind input loans to start or expand their farms. The loans are guaranteed by group/community leaders and the farmer's harvest. The loan period is 6months and interest of 15% is charged to the farmer. The loans are strictly meant to be used for farm inputs, tools and labour 

Farmer Training and Guidance

 We mainly offer our services to farmers growing cereals such as maize, millet, sorghum, wheat, groundnuts, sesame......as well as spices and select vegetables. We are also supporting poultry farmers.The main training offered by our agronomists tackles 

-Farm management and financial literacy

-Use of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other inputs

-Harvest and post harvest management

-Farm modernization  

Produce Marketing

 We buy up all the farmers' produce and process it package and sell it to whole sellers and retailers.We offer the farmers good prices for their produce and pick it directly from their premises.We put emphasis on quality of the produce our farmers produce so that we fulfill our promise to the consumers of our products 

Farm Inputs

Seeds, Fertilizers & Pesticides

We provide seeds, seedlings, organic & chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides for a wide range of crops.  

Tools and Equipment

We provide a wide range of tools and equipment for al sizes of farms such as hoes, spades, wheelburrows, sprayers.....etc

Livestock Inputs & Feeds

We provide day old chicks, month old calfs, kids and piglets as well as vaccines, animal feeds,suppliments......etc