We are Climate Smart


The ultimate goal is to have a Micro Finance Institution that caters to the needs of smallholder famers adopting climate smart methods and technology with branches all over Africa. By 2025, we will serve at least 1,000,000 farm families - with more than 5,000,000 people living in those families.  Our farmers will produce enough foodstuffs to fuel our Agro-processing facility and feed another 20 million of their neighbors.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. When millions of farmers speak with one voice, we can more effectively pursue collaboration together with government and the private sector to broaden our reach.

Our Mission

To improve smallholder agro-entrepreneurs’ livelihoods through affordable finance.


Value Proposition

For a smallholder farmer who needs support in developing a sustainable climate resilient agribusiness. The Agropreneur Packet is an agribusiness support package that provides low interest agribusiness finance coupled with climate smart agriculture training, quality climate resilient input supplies and post harvest/marketing support. Unlike other organisations, our product provides a solution that assists the farmer at every stage along the value chain.

Our Team


The company was founded and is headed by Mangeni Brian (Chief Executive Officer), a graduate of Actuarial Science and a CPA. He has experience as a researcher, finance manager, quality assurance officer, business development officer, financial director, Programmes Coordinator and managing director with several companies in different sectors over a period of the past 8years.  He is supported..................

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