Welcome to The Agropreneur Initiative

Transforming lives through Climate Smart Agribusiness

Welcome to The Agropreneur Initiative

Transforming lives through Climate Smart Agribusiness

Our Story

Who we are

We are a social enterprise on a mission to develop and promote adoption of climate smart methods, technology and finance in Africa. We build farmers’ capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change and mitigate greenhouse emissions. We are looking at the stages of the food value chain that are likely to be affected by extreme climate events associated with climate change and the slow onset impacts of climate change. Through Climate-Smart Agriculture, we are using an integrated approach to managing landscapes, livestock, forests and fisheries that address the interlinked challenges of food security and climate change. All this in order to achieve three outcomes; increased productivity, enhanced resilience and reduced emissions.

Our Programs


Climate Smart Agriculture Training

Agropreneur Initiative is enhancing adaptation to Climate Smart Agriculture practices in the farming systems of Uganda. In engaging smallholder farmers to do their part to ensure food security and increase productivity, we are using methods that enable the farmers adapt to climate change and contribute to climate change mitigation. The overall objective of training farmers to adopt these climate smart methods and technology is to increase the productivity of land through sustainable land management of soil and water resources. We are addressing the lack of training and information which was identified as the single largest barrier to Climate Smart Agriculture adoption across all regions. We are focusing on capacity building and knowledge dissemination for farmers and local leaders.


Climate Smart Innovative Finance

In order to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices, smallholder farmers need access to sufficient and adequate finance and skills to rightly use finance. We aim at building financial management competence of smallholder farmers and coming up with tailored financial products that ease their access to finance. There is a gap between smallholders’ demands for finance to invest in Climate Smart Agriculture and its supply. Our solutions are designed to bridge the gap of immediate fund access for rural people (predominantly farmers) with limited access to formal credit. Loans are guaranteed by the farmers’ farm produce. It is meant to build their capacity to produce a better quality and higher quantity of the products they are already producing and by extension, lead to increased rural household incomes.


Climate Resilient Post-Harvest and Agribusiness

Climate Smart Agriculture should not stop at the point of harvesting and for us, we take adoption of climate smart technology to the post-harvest stage; this requires taking adaptive measures in both the short term and long term. Very little attention has been paid to ensuring that post-harvest storage and processing facilities, and transport networks are climate resilient. We believe the development of sustainable food systems will only result from using a systems analysis at all levels to design impactful interventions therefore Agropreneur is carrying out studies and developing/proposing solutions. It is critical to examine the entire system to identify hotspots and the key leverage points to implement interventions that will have the greatest impact. 

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Agropreneurs Initiative

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